Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm ready (more than) for spring. For summer, even. For open windows, Red Stripe beer, barbecues, flotation devices, and reggae. I want to slather myself in suntan lotion that smells like coconut, I want to wear sandals and flimsy skirts.

I'm tired of firing up our little pellet stove. Tired of dipping my fingers into hot running water to thaw them out. Tired of sleeping in sweatshirts, socks, and mittens. Tired, I say. wah, wah, and all that. It's March, the in-between month, the month that brings a warm 70-ish sunshiney day and then rips it away again. Can't it be June already?
~ ~
In other, less whiny parts of the world . . . It's nomination time again for storySouth's Million Writers Award. I probably take the whole thing a little too seriously, but I spend a lot of time reading favorite stories and re-reading them, and then making sure someone else hasn't already nominated the story I select.

Already, some of my favorites (Kristen Tsetsi's They Three At Once Were One and Katrina Denza's Snake Dreams and Nathan Leslie's Olives) have been nominated. I'm so freaking indecisive that by the time I settle on something, there's a good chance someone else has already voted for it. Then I start all over again, which I don't really mind because hey, there are a lot of good stories out there.
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The inimitable Robin Slick posted this amazing video of Project Object (including her son, Eric, on drums) playing one of my all-time favorite FZ tunes, Cosmik Debris. INcredible.

Incidentally, one of Robin's favorite obsessions is visiting Helena soon. . .
Gotta save my pennies up.

Current fiction read: The God of Small Things, Arundhati Roy
Current nonfic read: Delivered from Distraction, Edward M. Hallowell


RobinSlick said...

Ha! Thanks -- and yep, he's got it on his journal today -- Montana, the end of next month.

I can't freaking believe he'll be in NY with all of these incredible writers on April 25 -- the same day I'll be miserable wanting to kill myself in Houston at the Romantic Times Convention while I try and sell books to women dressed as vampires and faeries. If I didn't shell out money for the plane and hotel already...

k1tchenwitch said...

oh,damn, I'm sorry. BUT, he's a lot more likely to be in NY/Philly again than he is to be in Montana, right? :)